I am a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt, and regularly compete all over the world. I also run the most successful Martial Arts academy in Plymouth.

For a long time I have understood the importance of Strength and Conditioning for performance. After many years of trying different ways to improve and develop I finally began training with at PPG in early 2012.

In that time I have noticed a significant improvement in my strength and condition. I no longer have any concern over fighting 10, 20, or even 30 minutes at a time. Will is always pushing me to improve and always working on my weaknesses. I know that when It comes time to compete I will be ready.

I would highly recommend anyone to train at PPG whether you are looking to compete internationally or just to get fit.


When I first decided that I was going to prepare for selection for the Great Britain Bobsleigh Team, I knew I’d need all the specialist help I could get, that’s why I chose PPG, an S+C sports performance based gym instead of a run-of-the-mill health club.

Over the majority of last year, PPG became my second home. The knowledge and experience of Will and the team was invaluable in the performance gains I made required for my sport. This coupled with a training environment that’s fun, exciting and filled with people who want to work hard is the reason I was able to represent my country. I owe Will and the PPG crew a lot.

Jim GalvinFormer Royal Marine Commando currently member of GB Bobsleigh Team

I have known Will for 5 years in this time he has consistently managed to impress me with his professionalism and dedication to everything he puts his hands to.

Will has extensive knowledge and experience within his chosen profession, as well as a natural ability to enthuse clients and ensure they surpass their targets.

Will’s skill set is something most physical trainers would aspire to reach.

I would not hesitate to recommend Will to any individual who wants to exceed their current expectations.

Mark HancockFormer Royal Marine Commando, personal training client

I have been training at Plymouth Performance Gym for over a year and have been coached by Will for around 4 months. His knowledge of training and nutrition have seen me make greater gains in this time than in 2 years previously. He is not averse to innovative training techniques, provided that they add substance to your program.

The training programme which Will has put together ensures that routines do not become stagnant nor allow for plateaus which itself serves as motivation.

Jamie PindardAmateur Strongman, personal training client

I was diagnosed with bone cancer aged 9 which resulted in my left femur being replaced with a metal prosthesis. For years I listened to the medical professionals who told me what I couldn’t do, and my muscle slowly atrophied. In 2010 I joined my local gym and began weight training with the aim of trying to build it back up but I made limited progress and instead ended up making big strength gains in my upper body. Two years later I came across Will’s story of how he had ignored medical opinion and rehabilitated his damaged wrist when doctors told him he couldn’t. I figured that if he could do it for himself, he could help me do it too.

I began weight training with Will at Plymouth Performance Gym in July 2012 and quickly began to notice a difference in my leg. I’ve still got a huge amount of work to do, but with Will’s guidance I have gained strength and made steady progress. He also introduced me to powerlifting, and in October 2012 I began training to build my bench press. The following month I attended an assessment at British Weight Lifting’s High Performance Centre in Leeds where I was accepted onto a programme with the aim of qualifying for the Paralympics in 2016. In December I took part in my first meet, the British Drug Free Powerlifting Association’s (BDFPA) South West Divisional Single Events Championships, where I bench pressed and broke the national record for my weight category with my first competitive lift. In January 2013 I attended my first Paralympic competition where I met and lifted against Paralympians from Great Britain and Holland, and I am now preparing for a Paralympic training camp in March.

None of this would have happened if I hadn’t started training at Plymouth Performance Gym. I would advise anyone wanting to rehabilitate an injury or explore their potential to book an assessment today. You have no idea where it might lead!


During December 2013 to January 2014, I spent 46 days skiing over 730 miles solo to the Geographic South Pole after completing a Geographic North Pole expedition in 2010. I am delighted to have become the 12th Briton to have ever skied to both poles, an achievement I am deeply proud of. This expedition would not have been successful if it wasn't for hard work and preparation that went into it. It took over a year of dedication working with Will to build up my strength, fitness and mental determination for reaching the pole. Without Will's expert knowledge in training and enthusiasm for the challenge I certainly would have struggled on the ice. Plymouth Performance Gym is the place to train, get fit and meet your personal challenges of tomorrow.

Antony Jinman PPG Member & Polar Explorer