About Us

In 2011 Plymouth Performance Gym opened its doors and we quickly established ourselves as the pioneers of functional, results based training in the South West. We achieve exceptional results with our community of clients and are extremely proud of the reputation that we’ve built up across the country. However, over the years we grew frustrated with the service we were able to provide operating as a conventional “gym”. Our clients were happy but we felt that with some adjustments we would be able to take all of our experience and knowledge and make our results even more dramatic. So we decided to make some big changes.  We stripped out everything that could distract us from providing the most in depth and effective service to our clients. We moved to a new location which is perfectly suited to the service which we wanted to provide and are excited to be leading the way in providing personal training for fat loss and strength and conditioning for athletes once again! We are now able to offer an unparalleled service to each and every one of our clients. You won’t find a more comprehensive level of support, knowledge and technology anywhere in the south west to guide you on your journey towards physical excellence.  Plymouth Performance Gym can now provide anyone with the motivation to succeed the environment in which to achieve that success. Get in touch to start your journey with Plymouth premiere personal training and sports performance studio now.


My passion for sport and physical activity led me to follow my dream of joining the Royal Marine Commandos and in 2005 I arrived at the Commando Training Centre in Lympstone to begin training as an Officer on one of the most gruelling military courses in the world.

During training I developed a rare and incurable bone disease in my wrist which ultimately led to the end of my dream and a medical discharge.

Unable to use my left hand and wrist (I’m left handed!) and desperate to regain my strength I sought out treatment from orthopaedic surgeons, physios, acupuncturists and everyone in between! Ultimately, following surgery to remove nerves from the damaged area, their advice was all the same “give up on pursuing physical challenges and accept a more ‘sedentary’ lifestyle”. Instead, I began to seek out every bit of information I could on training, determined to regain and ultimately exceed my previous levels of strength and fitness.

Despite having achieved a high level of fitness prior to my diagnosis, I was fascinated by the science behind conditioning the body and the seemingly staggering possibilities for strength, power and fitness gains that could be achieved with their proper application. I began to experiment on myself using the information I found in countless books, journals and on websites. Slowly but surely I managed to regain and then surpass my previous physical abilities.

The pursuit of physical excellence became my passion. I sought out experts in strengthening and conditioning the body, interning with coaches and nutritionists who had helped some of the best athletes in the world to achieve their goals. My journey led me to Plymouth and a degree in Strength, Conditioning and Sports Coaching, then on to becoming a certified member of the UK Strength and Conditioning Association. I have been lucky enough to work with a range of athletes from professional boxers and basketball players to nationally ranked youth tennis players, MMA fighters, rugby players, England youth squad football players and general fitness enthusiasts.


Guy started his journey to become a Strength and Conditioning coach in 2012 by shadowing William Badenoch; the UKSCA accredited coach and owner of Plymouth Performance Gym (PPG). During his years of study, he continued to work at PPG helping deliver training and was promoted to management. He also completed two internships and was highly regarded in both, namely: lead strength and conditioning coach for Plymouth Raiders basketball team and assistant S&C coach for Leverton Williams youth tennis academy. In 2015 he graduated with a Bachelor of Science 1st class with honours and received a first for his dissertation; studying the effects of accommodated resistance training on post activation potentiation.

He is also an accredited heart rate variability trainer, certified by Joel Jamieson, world renowned S&C coach and is now working towards NSCA accreditation. Upon completion of his degree he started the successful coaching and programming company Servis Strength. The biggest step in his journey so far is becoming co-owner of Plymouth Performance Gym and continuing his dream of making top level strength, conditioning and programming accessible to everybody. His passion for demonstrating strength takes the form of competitive Strongman and he has aspirations of competing nationally and internationally. He is also an avid believer in continued learning and CPD.


Lorne Empson is without a doubt one of the most accomplished and knowledgeable nutritionists in the South West. Sports and physical activity have played a huge role in his life. Lorne’s own sporting career saw him compete at an elite level in triathlon, training and racing with world champions and Olympians. After graduating from Bournemouth University with a degree in nutrition Lorne joined the Royal Marine Commandos. Whilst in the marines he won medals in the pool at national competitions as well as representing the Royal Navy water polo team in international fixtures.

Since leaving the marines Lorne has immersed himself in the world of psychology and nutrition for sports performance and fat loss.  He’s worked extensively with a broad range of clients, from those with chronic weight and health issues, to professional boxers. Lorne’s underpinning knowledge of nutrition combined with his extensive experience working with such a broad range of clients allows him to help any individual achieve their goals.