ABOUT  Lactate Threshold Testing AT PPG

Lactate Threshold is the gold standard in performance indicators for endurance sports.  Until now in Devon and Cornwall, this test has been obtainable exclusively from University Sports Performance Labs and has been reserved for those working with their sports science department. We are able to offer the same, high quality lactate threshold testing to everyone from the elite athlete to the recreational enthusiast.

What is Blood Lactate?

Lactic acid is a by-product of anaerobic exercise (when muscle contractions are taking place and energy is being mobilised without oxygen).  Anaerobic exercise causes associated substrates to be produced, one of which is lactic acid. This is measureable as ‘Blood Lactate’.

What is Lactate Threshold?

The basic definition of Lactate Threshold is the maximum steady state effort that can be maintained without lactate accumulating at a rate faster than it can be processed by the body.

Up to this point lactate is actually used to help in the production of energy for muscle contraction. After this point lactate and other associated substrates will build up and exercise at this intensity becomes impossible for prolonged periods.

We can see where lactate threshold and the corresponding heart rate is reached by looking for the inflection point on a graph of blood lactate concentrations collected during testing.

Why do we Test for  Lactate Threshold?

Firstly, the test allows us to establish the heart rate and Watts output which corresponds to your lactate threshold. With this information we are able to prescribe truly accurate heart rate training zones and, for those who train with power meters, wattage’s to guide your training by. Now you are able to program accurately and train optimally without having to use guess work as your guide.

Secondly, an increase in lactate threshold correlates excellently with an increase in endurance related performance. By establishing your current lactate threshold then repeating the test after a training block you can accurately gauge how well you have responded to that training. If your lactate threshold has improved then you can be confident your performance as an endurance athlete has improved as well. If it hasn’t then you know that your training isn’t optimal and can make the appropriate changes armed with the correct information.

Finally understanding your lactate threshold can be a great help in competition. By monitoring your heart rate during a race you are able to assess whether you can push harder or need to back off in order to work as close to lactate threshold as possible.

How do we Test?

We currently use an incremental test performed on a Wattbike, with blood capillary samples taken at designated intervals (we take a drop of blood from the fingertip or earlobe after every three minute increment). The data from this is then analysed and displayed to you in simple graphical form along with an interpretation of the results.

Lactate Threshold Summary

This test is a must for any serious endurance athlete that is looking for scientific performance related markers that are not often available to the general public. Contact us to book your test or speak to one of our testers.