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Sports Training

Circuit Training For Size!

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This week’s article is a guest post from up and coming Strength and Conditioning Coach Bradley Westell. Bradley has recently returned from a weekend shadowing the Strength and Conditioning coaches at one of the UK’s biggest Premiership Rugby clubs where he witnessed the methods this elite club uses to pack muscle onto their academy players. In this article Bradley outlines what he learned about the use of Circuit Training to transform the Rugby stars of tomorrow into some of the biggest and fastest athletes on the planet!

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Squatting with Chains and Bands: Should you be doing it?

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Squats are one of the greatest exercises known to man. They help build massive strength in the legs and core and have helped athletes to run faster, jump higher and hit harder for decades. I’m not disputing that. This article is not meant to malign the squat in any way but it is a simple fact that they, like all exercises, are not perfect and there may be a way to improve upon them in certain situations. If you want to know how, read on.

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